What Is The Meaning Of Monday Blues?

Monday, as you know is the beginning of the week for almost all workers in many countries. You get two days rest, and your soul is at peace. Now once, again you have to go back to the grind. When you are at school, you would have been elated when it was Friday and dread the way the clock was ticking to go back to school on Monday.

Out of the seven colors, blue is one color. But as science grew, various factors began to be associated with colors such as emotions, attitudes, memories etc.

The question here is if you are satisfied with the work, the relationship with your colleagues or teachers at school etc.

Monday Blues can be described as the set of negative emotions, many experience on the first day of the work or school week if they are not satisfied. The emotions may vary from fatigue, depression, and feelings to put leave for the day in the notion that work or school environment is not pleasant but they cannot avoid absence.

The concept of Monday Blues was not taken into consideration fifty decades ago. But in recent times, it is widely recognized. They should be taken as a warning symptom that everything is not okay at school or work. If you are very energetic, excitement and energy flows in your body on Monday, you will not suffer from fatigue or depression for the following week.

Experts specify that you can become more successful in the field you love. On Monday morning, you will be bubbling with energy as you are doing what you love. At the same time, not being appreciated/unsatisfied appraisals can take a toll on your performance and it might seem like another painful starting of unwanted work. These factors can be termed as Monday Blues.

Your disregard of Monday can have a disastrous effect on the performance of your work. Some of the symptoms are less productivity, lack of motivational factors and the learning curve is very slow.

Motivational experts opine, “A bad mood or unwanted stress can have disastrous consequences on the entire work environment.” When a team member is unhappy, all the other members would have difficulty in staying happy, and as the proverb goes – if one finger is oiled, it oils the others.”

How To Beat The Heck Out Of Monday Blues

Identify The Challenges

The first step is to analyze what is wrong? If you are finding it challenging to go to office every day, then it is a factor that you should not laugh or just put down your head to live within. These are the symptoms which show that you are unhappy at work. It would be better and beneficial if you can fix the challenge or move on to the next job.

Environment Or Work

You do not want to go to work because a co-worker does not get along with you or you are doing the same work without learning anything, or you do not feel challenged anymore. It is better to clarify the nature of the challenge and try to improve.

Prepare on Friday for Monday: Getting Away From Monday Blues

As Monday is the beginning day of the week, it can be extra stressful. So complete the hard tasks on Friday so that you can take a breather. Do not leave unpleasant tasks for Monday. Also complete the work beforehand. Do not leave work for clients so that they have to make a call on the weekends.

Make A Time Table

Make a list of work that you want to complete and compete for the next week. If you are not able to list, then you need to relax and analyze regarding the working pattern.

Relax And Come Back Rejuvenated

It is mandatory that you go back to bed a little early on Sunday night, and get enough sleep. If you stay in the wee hours of night, naturally, you would not be interested to get up when the alarm does its work.

Dress Properly

Your dress should reflect a positive mood. On Monday wear your favorite dress. A good complement might work wonders for the whole week. For a happy life, a feeling of gratitude is necessary. Always treat with respect the seniors as well as juniors. Gratitude can break the ice in many situations.

Keep The Schedule Light

Having less work on Monday is a good contributor to productivity. The proverb holds comfort “Great challenges will take care of themselves.”

Have Fun

‘All work and no play make Jack a dull boy.’

This proverb is not only for boys, but also for adults. If you are concentrating only on the job, you will feel more tired and over time, the productivity will take a nose dive. Share jokes with co-workers or go to a movie with family.

The above-given factors are only some of the ways you can beat Monday Blues. If you are facing challenges at work, discuss with your spouse, family members or close friends. They can give you the best solution or may be, refer to another person who can identify the problem and give the answer that can change your life forever.